We’re all chasing faster times one way or another. It’s one of the best things about running – or sport in general – that with each new run, race, or competition, we’re always looking to better what we did before.

A lot of the time, that comes with the knowledge that beating your best is inherently up to you. At the end of the day, it’s your desire, drive, knowledge and skill that’ll determine just how well your run goes.

And while keeping an eye on what those around you in the running community are achieving is great for healthy…

Running injuries are common. It’s a sad reality that staying away from injuries can be a bit of a tricky feat for a lot of runners, halting your momentum for weeks and causing a fair lot of pain too.

A common area that often suffers is your calves. While you might not think they hold as much fragility as say your knees or ankles which take on board a lot of weight as you run, your calves often the things that suffer the most from overworking, pulls, strains, and more serious injuries like Achilles' tendons. …

Despite what you might be thinking, running uphill can be great fun and a valuable skill to have under your belt.

And hey, if you’re lucky enough to live in a landscape that’s littered with hills and peaks, then you’ll likely already have a great deal of experience with this already – whether you like it or not. Our company is based in Glasgow, so believe us when we say we know all about having to run uphill on a regular basis!

It can be tough – you are quite literally working to defy gravity, and with some speed too…

The word ‘form’ is thrown around running discussions a lot, and not without its warrant either. Your form is crucial to getting the best out of your running.

One way to better your form is to work on your posture. Having a proper running posture can be a hard thing to achieve over a long-distance run, especially towards the end as tiredness begins to creep in. Yet, acknowledging the need for improvement in your posture and working to keep it on top form can help you improve your overall efficiency and prevent the risk of injury.

So what do we…

Being injured is hard. You feel like you’re wasting precious time, left to twiddle your thumbs when you want to be outside and raking up your mile count.

Yet, as much as you might wish you could just step up and go again, navigating your way out of injury safely is of vital importance to ensure you get back to your fully fit best.

Whether you’re a regular competitor returning from injury, or just want to get fit after some time on the side-lines, it’s important to make sure you’re truly ready in your approach to get back to regular…

Managing your breathing is generally pretty important for us human beings – and when it comes to running, that fact is no different.

While a lot of runners have perfected their own techniques to ensure they keep moving effectively without getting breathless and retaining their stamina, many runners still make the same easy mistakes. Ensuring you're controlling your breathing will allow you to run for longer and in a more efficient fashion — and hey, who doesn’t want to be efficient?

So sit back, take a big, deep breath, and check out our tips for managing your breathing while running…

As more and more of us are stuck spending a lot of time at home and away from the gym or track, there’s more reason than ever to head out for a run – and taking your furry little friend with you can make it even more enjoyable.

Lockdown has seen an increase in both running and dog-ownership, so why not put the two together and make the most out of the time you have with your pet?

There are a number of benefits to bringing your dog along with you when you go running. Here’s everything you need to…

Despite what you might think, being a slower runner may have its benefits in the long run and can help you become a better runner overall.

In fact, many runners have found that taking it down a couple of gears can actually make you a faster runner!

But ‘how does that work?’, we hear you ask. Well, fear not, readers, for we’re here to tell you exactly how it all works below.

Train, train, and train again

It’s all about training when it comes to slower running. Running at a slower speed when completing a fairly routine run can have…

As cliche as it may sound, when it comes to marathons, seconds make all the difference.

Take Kenyan marathon runner, Eluid Kipchoge, for example. He came first in the 2019 London Marathon at 2:02:37, with Mosinet Geremew coming close in behind at 2:02:55 — a mere 18 seconds difference. Those 18 seconds weren’t just the result of some strange race day luck. Oh no, they were the result of some gruelling, meticulously developed training to repeatedly shave off seconds again and again and again.

That said, training to reduce your marathon time can prove to be a notoriously challenging thing…

Sciatica, as many runners will tell you, can be a massive pain in the neck. Well, literally it’s more a band in the back, but you get where we’re coming from.

For those who suffer from the condition, the sharp, shooting pains that trickle from your lower back to your feet can often feel debilitating – but it shouldn’t stop you from getting your best trainers on and heading outdoors.

In this piece, we’ll talk you through what sciatica is, how it can impact your running, and, most importantly, how you can take care of it to get back to…

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